MiniGame Paradise

Enjoy 13 minigames at once! MiniGame Party

Various minigames and
unique characters are just a download away!
Tap to play anytime, anywhere!
Compete and beat your friends to earn blockchain tokens.
Earned blockchain tokens can be exchanged for actual cash.
Explore the infinite world of enjoyment with your finger!
Enjoy various games on Minigame Party now!

01 Spatter Scatter

Hit friends with missiles that fire automatically.
Tap to change the direction.

02 Hardly Hurdle

Tap to jump.
Jump without making contact with friends.
You can jump on your friends' heads.

03 Spring Fling

Fling yourself into space!
You can jump higher if you tap as you touch the rope.

04 Hop Pop

Step on the clouds to fly up.
Tap to change the direction.
Step on the middle of the cloud to jump higher.

05 Clump Thump

Tap to drill through the ground!
You can't touch friends, but you can step on friends below you.

06 Slip Flip

Make your way downwards without moving off the top of the screen or touching the thorny walls.
Tap to change the tilt.

07 Fly High

Fly high and travel through space to explore unknown worlds.
Tap in the direction pointed by the arrow to make the character jump.

08 Flash Dash

Tap to change the direction.
You have to stay on the path!
Collect wings to fly for a while.

09 Gurgle Burble

Swim without touching the walls or friends.
Tap to move upwards.
You'll move downwards if you don't do anything.

10 Wag Tag

Tap to change the direction of rotation.
Avoid contact with friends on your tail.

11 Grasp Gasp

Tap once to let go of the rope and tap again to throw the rope.
The rope doesn't stick to holes.

12 Swirly Whirly

Step on the lotus flowers to cross the lake.
Don't fall into the lake.
You can jump farther from the edge of the flower.

13 Zigzag

Control the direction carefully to move between the trees.
Tap to change the direction.
It's okay to bump into the tree.

  • Spatter Scatter
  • Hardly Hurdle
  • Spring Fling
  • Hop Pop
  • Clump Thump
  • Slip Flip
  • Fly High
  • Flash Dash
  • Gurgle Burble
  • Wag Tag
  • Grasp Gasp
  • Swirly Whirly
  • Zigzag

Over 50 cute characters and
a variety of costumes available

  • Tap Me!
  • Face
  • Body
  • Hand

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